Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fish Eye Lens

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1.Fish eye+Macro+Wide angle 3-IN-ONE Universal external clip lens for all mobile phone .
2.Design with clip is easy to use for all people.
3.Very small that can take it when you are traveling which you can take many beautiful photos as you like with the effect and you will enjoy your journey.
4.The lens of this product is high quality optical lenses, after twenty times polished, highly clear and very obvious optical effect, the lens with a three-layer film ( the same as the blue film and green film of our glasses).  in order to prevent from deformation after several decades and affect the optical photographic effects, particularly using the framework in high density and hardness of the steel-plastic material .
5.This product is unique in that basically meet the needs of any mobile phone, Apple iphone series, Samsung K-series, HTC, millet, Meizu! As long as you like to take pictures like photography, this lens is your best choice!

Mobile phone Macro camera lens
 the equivalent of a small microscope, very small things very clear. shooting out the macro lens focusing distance is about 3CM. Wide-Angle and Macro are together in a same lens, when you need to use a macro lens, then you need to unscrew the wide-angle lens, then the other part is a macro lens !

Wide angle lens
 expand phone camera scene, almost no distortion in the photo shoot, in a small range when shooting a scene!

The effects of each lens:
 mobile phone fisheye camera lens
 can greatly expand the shooting range, the photographed scene showing a concentrated shape, is a very artistic effect. 

Mobile phone camera lens Package  includes:
Fish eye lens*1pcs
Macro lens*1pcs
Wide angle lens *1pcs
Lens cap*2pcs
Lens bag*1pcs